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If this is your warehouse, no need to read any further.

For any business with physical operations, timely access to raw materials, supplies, or sales inventory is key. Larger businesses are often able to dedicate the staff to ensuring these functions are handled properly and have the resources to own or lease a storage warehouse, but for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, this can be challenging. Additionally, many entrepreneurs and business owners are taking advantage of ‘lean’ business models and working from home or a co-working space.

In today’s blog entry, we look at some scenarios where looking for outside storage for a business makes sense, what the different storage options available to a business are and when they’re appropriate, and how to select a storage provider.

A Few Signs It's Time to Look at Storage Alternatives

Growing Business, Uncertain Forecast

Your business is growing, but you’re not sure how fast or that your new customer base is fully sustainable. If you have the luxury of time, it’s always a good idea to wait to make that next step to a larger store, office, or warehouse until you’re sure how much space you need. Many businesses have suffered from expanding too soon, putting a strain on cash flow and adding the burden of moving during a busy period. Self-storage is an economic and convenient way to make room for your business’ expansion until the right time.

Stress from Clutter at Home

You run a home-based business, and things are going great. The only problem is everywhere you look you’ve got inventory, paperwork, and supplies and you don’t know where to find what you need anymore. If your business clutter is getting so bad even your pets are getting upset, it might be time to find another solution.

Stuck in a Lease

Maybe you’ve run out of space in your current property and are stuck into a long-term lease. Self-storage is the perfect solution until you’re ready to move into a new space.

Drowning in Paperwork

We’ve all cleaned our desks only to find the paperwork piles up after a few short weeks. Unfortunately, organizations are still required to keep physical copies of certain documents for a period of time (and it’s always never a bad idea to keep files that you might need later especially if they’re legal or financial related). In these scenarios, off-site storage can be a great option, particularly since your organization won’t need regular access to the files. Here, a balance between security and cost is important for your storage solution.

Even if the above scenarios don’t match your business, if you find clutter a hassle around the office or you’re having problems keeping track of what’s stored on-site, it may be time to look for a solution.

Options Available to Businesses

There are several main options available to businesses that are out of storage space, either by managing storage needs internally (expansion), or looking to a third party solution. In-house, a business could consider either investing in a larger corporate office/property or leasing/buying a warehouse for their excess storage needs. Third party solutions include (i) traditional self storage (rent a unit at a nearby facility), (ii) on-demand storage like YYC Storage (self-storage but we perform the pick-up, inventory and delivery functions, and (iii) a file storage provider (often, these archiving companies only manage files and paperwork).

An overview of these options, their benefits and disadvantages is as follows:

Business Storage Options

How YYC Storage Can Help

YYC Storage is a fantastic alternative to self-storage for a busy entrepreneur or small business because we offer all the benefits of self-storage plus the value-added service of pick-up, delivery, and inventorying.

Save Time

Because we handle the pick-up, storage, and delivery functions, we can save your business a lot of time going back and forth between your workplace and the storage facility. Our handy online inventory and timely delivery service allows you to manage what you have in storage and save hours and hours of driving time and time spent sorting through your storage.

Save Money

With YYC Storage you only pay for the space you need, and we can create a custom square footage plan that fits your business’ needs. If you are taking items out of storage your monthly fee will drop, and if you need more storage space your plan gets adjusted upwards as you hit certain thresholds. Either way your pricing plan is completely adjustable to the demands of your business. Our rates are comparable to climate-controlled storage options at a self-storage facility.

Document Storage

YYC Storage provides the pick-up and delivery of your files for competitive rates. Although we don’t offer digitizing services, we keep pickup and delivery costs low and our per-box rates are highly competitive with other file storage and archiving companies.

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YYC Storage is a fantastic alternative to self-storage for a busy entrepreneur or small business because we offer all the benefits of self-storage plus the value-added service of pick-up, delivery, and inventorying.