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 Lana Rogers Headshot

Lana Rogers, owner of Lana Rogers PR + Media Consulting

We're excited to present the first installment in a new feature on the YYC Storage Blog called the Entrepreneur Spotlight. Through the YYC Storage journey, we've been fortunate to meet tons of Calgary entrepreneurs from all different industries. Each one of them has an interesting story, a different set of challenges they've faced building their business, and lots of successes along the way that keep them driving ahead and building something great. And each one of them is incredibly passionate about their work and about Calgary. In this feature, we want to step away from the storage business, share some other people's stories and insights, and get their take on what they love so much about the place they call home.

For our inagural feature, we spoke to Lana Rogers, owner of Lana Rogers PR + Media Consulting, a local business that provides full-service public relations and media consulting for growing, community-minded brands. With her extensive public relations experience, strong ties to local & national media outlets, and close relationships with many Calgary businesses and personalities, Lana and her business definitely have an exciting future ahead in the Calgary community. We'll step aside now and let her tell you in her own words a bit about herself, her business, and her YYC.

Lana and her Business

Describe what you do and why you rock at it.

I’m a public relations and media consultant that helps promote growing, community-minded brands. I wouldn’t actually call what I do a “job”, but more of an obsession. I’m really passionate about helping independent brands and businesses gain awareness.

How did you end up doing what you do?

My sister, who owns one of Canada’s leading PR + Marketing firms, asked for my help when she was just starting her company. Honesty, I was probably the worst employee, but then I eventually found my groove and discovered a different side of PR that I now know and love.

What does a typical day in your shoes look like?

Coffee first. Maybe a morning segment. Answering emails. Crafting content and submitting pitches. Answering more emails. A client meeting or two. More coffee. A photo shoot. Attending or running an event. Champagne. Bed.

What is the favourite part of your day?

I have two favourites! First thing in the morning, when the office is quiet and I can pound through emails and listen to high volumes of Beach Season, Drake, or Solange (my current play list) without shame. And happy hour of course. Proof is right below my office and I like to frequent their bar stools.

You have late night work to finish, what do you grab – wine, beer, scotch or coffee?

Champagne of course! I recently discovered a natural champagne at Vine Arts and it tastes like a lychee cocktail.

You work in the marketing industry - do you have a favourite brand or ad campaign?

I think the ad campaign for Sum Sum was brilliant. It was a pop-up dim sum restaurant in Calgary that based its entire promo around the soup dumpling. They strictly executed social ads. The creative was ingenious. The campaign was simple yet clever.

If you could provide one piece of advice for other entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Work hard. Be genuine. And everything will be OK! I’ve run into so many obstacles in my entrepreneurial journey and at the end of the day it will always be ok. Learn from those obstacles and you’ll naturally keep growing.

Is there one app that you can’t live without (business or pleasure)?

I’m not very tech savvy but when I’m in another city Uber is a must.

What do you like to collect that’s taking up all your storage space?

Shoes! Both my boyfriend and myself have an addiction to footwear. Plus we have a TON of art. YYC Storage we need you!

Lana and her YYC

How long has Calgary been home? Why Calgary?

I moved to Calgary in 2003 to attend the University of Calgary’s communication program. Funny enough, I wanted to pursue a career in the food + wine industry but ended up finding my groove in PR. I left for a year, but came back because of the people; everyone is extremely supportive. It’s the people in this city that really make it a great place to live.

Favourite local event or festival?

Market Collective has always been a favourite. I really love what the gals (Angel + Angela) have created for local artists and designers in the community. I’m actually headed there right now.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?

It’s not where you can find me… but it’s what I’ll be doing on a Friday night! Drinking champagne. Clearly.

Where is your favourite place to eat or drink in Calgary and why?

I am a die-hard weekender at Suzette. The Completé Galette is a must.

Where are you the most productive?

It sounds boring, but in my office. I am a certified list maker (pen + paper) and all of my sticky notes live on my desk. I would never allow my wacky organization method to take up space in a coffee shop.

What cause(s) do you support, and why are these important to you?

I am a big supporter of the Junior Achievement program. I’m from a small town and we never had these types of programs when I was younger. Supporting the next generation is not only a passion of mine, but I love getting into the mindset of Generation Z and finding out what makes them tick.

If you have had ‘hidden gem’ (food, lounge, park, or otherwise) in Calgary or the surrounding area and don’t mind sharing it, what would it be?

Bar Von Der Fels is one of my favourite secret gems (sorry boys I had to)! They have created a space that reminds me of the wine bars you find in Berlin or Stockholm. I feel like I’m instantly transformed out of Calgary when I walk in the room. The wine program is constantly evolving and the food is excellent.