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 Christmas Tree and Stockings

If only your beautiful tree could stay up all year...

One of the biggest delights of the holiday season is relaxing in a well-decorated home. Whether it’s the twinkling tree, precious ornaments, stuffed stockings, bows & wreaths, or the carefully lit eaves, almost everyone loves Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, unless your tree matches Charlie Brown’s, the process of taking everything down in January is not nearly as jolly, and finding closet space for everything can be a frustrating task. Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can follow to save space, keep your things safe, and make undecorating a little easier (and hopefully save you a little bit of time unpacking next season too).

Try a Few Clever Storage Solutions

Egg and Apple Cartons for Ornament Storage

Egg cartons and apple cartons can be great (and inexpensive) storage containers for ornaments, and work especially well for bulb ornaments due to their circular size. Simply save a couple of containers in your closet or underneath the kitchen sink throughout December and you’ll be set. Since the containers’ original purpose was to protect their contents from cracking or bruising, you’ll find they keep your ornaments in perfect condition too. For open-top cartons (especially apple cartons), you may want to add a layer of bubble wrap or tissue paper over top for extra protection (or stack them carefully in boxes).

Belts, Twine, or Shrink Wrap for Artificial Christmas Trees

Although artificial trees have a lot of benefits, ease of storage is not one of them. Once fluffed out for the holiday season, getting an artificial tree back in its box can be a challenge. One way to dramatically decrease the space your tree takes up is to tightly cinch old belts around the top and bottom of each piece of the tree, holding the branches in place. If you don’t have old belts handy, twine or rope works well. Another option (if you have a large roll of shrink wrap handy) is to wrap each piece of the tree tightly. This will not only make the tree easier to handle, but can also help with storage as you don’t need a box or bag to hold the pieces.

Cans, Paper Towel Rolls or Cardboard for Christmas Lights

A good way to deal with strings of Christmas lights is to wind them around a cylindrical object or container (such as a paper towel or plastic wrap roll, or a soup can). You can also wrap them around a sheet of cardboard. Future you will thank you for preventing a tangled mess come next holiday season. Pro-tip: Don’t forget to use the space inside the rolls or cans if you have decorations that will fit inside.

Invest in Clear Plastic Containers and Ziplock Bags

Clear plastic containers (inexpensive and available in multiple sizes at home stores such as Home Depot or IKEA) are fantastic for storing decorations. Not only can you see what’s in the box without having to dig through it, but the variety of sizes makes it easy to find closet space for items while keeping them protected. For example, a large rectangular box that’s not very deep can hold a lot of stuff but can easily slide under a bed, sofa, or on top of other boxes in your closet.

Ziplock bags are another great way to keep things compartmentalized. Use them to store loose items (such as ornament hooks or trinkets) along with other things in the same plastic box.

Take Stock of What Needs to be Thrown Away or Replaced

It doesn’t take any extra time to throw away anything that’s damaged (or donate anything you decorations that are in ok shape but you don’t anticipate using next year). As an added bonus, you can often find leftover decorations at an extremely low price after Christmas, which could save you a lot of money over buying it when December rolls around again.

Stay Organized

It’s tempting to rush through the process of taking down and storing your decorations, but it’s always worthwhile to spend a bit more time organizing individual boxes and keeping track of where they’re stored. A quick label on a box (especially if it isn’t transparent) might save you time when you’re hunting around later in the year for something you didn’t expect you’d need. Similarly, packing your things carefully and intelligently can prevent damage to your items and save space in your closet.

Call YYC Storage

YYC Storage offers a great and easy way to de-clutter and free up extra room in your closet that was previously taken up by your holiday decorations and Christmas tree.

How it works. At a time that works for you, we’ll drop off storage boxes for your ornaments/other decorations, and a large Christmas tree bag for your artificial bag at your door. Once you’ve undecorated and packed all your stuff, simply schedule a time for us to come pick everything up. We’ll transport it to our 24/7 secured facility where we’ll store it safely until you need it back next year. Simply call us or log into your account when you need it back next Holiday Season!

What it costs. Christmas tree storage is $10/month per tree. Each of our boxes is 3 cubic feet and is $5/month. Two boxes is typically the perfect amount of space for most people’s holiday decorations. If you have your own boxes feel free to use them, or if you need it our boxes and Christmas tree bag are free to use, and pick-ups of your stuff are free as well.